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Be Well Arkansas

Be Well Arkansas

Whatever you want to be—a good parent, a great athlete, a role model, etc.—it all starts with being well. An active, healthy lifestyle is key. We offer tips and support to quit smoking and address health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. It's never too late to make decisions to help you be healthier. Learn more here.

Medical and Dental

Each child entering the Head Start, Early Head Start, and Head Start ABC programs receives a health screening that is performed by trained staff. The screenings include: hearing, vision, height, weight, and developmental assessment. Annual physical and dental exams are required for each child enrolled in the Head Start, Early Head Start, and Head Start ABC programs. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child's health care process by receiving results of health screenings, keeping appointments made for their child and transporting their child to those services.


N.A.D.C. Head Start children receive three nutritious meals every day which include breakfast, lunch and pm snack. Children and adults sit together and eat the same menu.

Children and adults engage in conversation about their meal and daily activities. The atmosphere is very pleasant, calm and inviting. Children assist with setting tables and clean up.

Even the small children enjoy carrying their plate to the tables and eating with their friends. This type of arrangement helps them to feel like they are at home with their family.

Nutrition Experiences

At least once a month children and staff are involved in a “hands on” nutrition experience. These experiences are in conjunction with the Daily Lesson Plan. Children get excited on the days of the nutrition experiences, they enjoy trying something new.

Growth Assessments

Heights and Weights are completed on each child twice a year. Health history, nutrition assessment and height and weights are analyzed and referrals are made to N.A.D.C.’s Licensed Nutritionist for further information. With the rise in obesity in children we are working with the “I’m Moving, I’m learning” program.


The Head Start, Early Head Start, and Head Start ABC program work together and maintain agreements with our Local Education Agencies (LEA) to ensure any child with special needs receive the appropriate services to help them prosper in their development. All children are screened every year using the Denver and Fluharty. Any child with diagnosed disabilities will receive services.

The LEA’s that we work with are:

  • Cedar Ridge Early Childhood
  • Batesville Early Childhood
  • Izard County Consolidated Early Childhood
  • Southside Early Childhood
  • Newark Early Childhood
  • Northcentral Arkansas Education Services

Mental Health

NADC Head Start/ABC maintains agreements with our local mental health providers to ensure the mental health needs of our children and families are met. Our mental health consultant provides two classroom observations a year and is available to meet with parents and staff anytime throughout the year. They provide training for Head Start staff once a year.

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