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Regular Assistance Program

Regular Assistance is available for eligible households during the application period of the winter and summer programs if funding is available. This type of assistance is a one-time payment per household per program. Subsequent applications for this assistance during the same program by the same household or by a member of a household having received a Regular Assistance benefit will be denied.

Crisis Intervention Program (CIP)

The household must have an energy-related crisis situation on the date of the CIP application. A CIP benefit is available to an eligible household for whom service has been discontinued or is threatened to be discontinued, who is out of fuel or will run out of fuel, or who is responsible for heating costs that are included in rent and has received an eviction notice. A crisis situation also exists when a household's primary heating system is inoperable (make emergency referral to Weatherization) or a household's fuel tank is inaccessible because of severe weather.

CIP is available during both the Winter and Summer Programs. This type of assistance is a one-time benefit per household not to exceed $2000. However, during the Summer Program, only a crisis situation involving electric service will be considered. A crisis situation must have one or more of the following:

  • Propane or fuel oil below twenty percent (20%);
  • A disconnect notice (electric only during Summer Program);
  • An eviction notice due to non-payment of their energy source;
  • 3 weeks remaining of their wood supply;
  • or A life-threatening situation;
  • Pre-paid electric alerted that the balance will soon exhaust;
  • Service has been disconnected;
  • Applicant is enrolled in a delayed payment arrangement;
  • Past due amount/arrearage on utility bill.