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Northcentral Arkansas Development Council, Inc.

“NADC’S Mission is to empower people helping people improve their quality of life and strengthen communities in Northcentral Arkansas.”

We are now accepting applications for LIHEAP.

The LIHEAP program is now open. Learn more about our application requirements and download a PDF application.

Welcome to NADC:

Thank you for visiting our new NADC website! I just recently passed the four - year mark being only the fourth Executive Director in NADC’s 50 plus years of existence. Our mission continues to serve the low- income individuals and families in the Fulton, Independence, Izard, Sharp and Stone county region with a variety of programs.

NADC has been many things to many different people over the years as programs come and go as monies and opportunities come available to us. We continue to serve the very young to the elderly with a variety of programs to help them survive and thrive in today’s world. I wish we could do more but because of funding, it is hard to be all things to all people. So, we do what we can do and thankfully we have staff, volunteers and a Board of Directors that are passionate and dedicated to the cause to help people in their time of need.

As a teenager, I was lucky enough to be able to work at the baseball fields for a couple of summers and one summer between my senior year in high school and freshman year in college for the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) through a NADC youth work program. That opportunity served me in many positive ways. Being able to be around the game of baseball which I still love today (just come by my office and see for yourself) taught me much. A game that has enriched me with many values of hard work, teamwork, competition, skills, and rewards. My start at SCS allowed me to continue to work for SCS my entire college career through a different program. That job I was surrounded with talented and highly educated individuals who gave a lot of their time and effort to teach me about our environment and how we can maintain it in a productive way to improve our land to be more productive and useful. I learned so much from those early days that I continue to look back on even today the principals, methods and skills that can be applied to everyday life and career.

I consider myself a success story with NADC’s help in my early years. Today, I am lucky enough to lead NADC and hope we can make a huge difference in many other lives.

Please use our website to assist you in finding help. If there is anything that you can’t find, let me know. My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 870-793-5765 and I will be happy to help you try and solve your need. Thank you for visiting us!

Head start

Head Start & Early Head Start

The Head Start Program is a federal nationwide program created in 1965 and started by NADC in 1968.

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This federally funded program operated through the Arkansas Department of Human Services provides utility assistance.

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This grant helps fund many costs and services throughout the NADC system making it possible to provide services.

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Other Services

Emergency food & shelter programs, food commodities & numerous referral programs to help people in need.

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