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NADC Head Start/ABC offers parents and the whole family the chance to become involved in many activities, services, and trainings. They can take part in training classes on many subjects, such as child rearing and development, job training, learning about health and nutrition, using community resources, healthy marriages, and budgeting. The parents participate in a survey in the beginning of the year and each center develops a plan to meet the training needs of their families. Staff is knowledgeable of community resources and work collaboratively with organizations and colleges that provide literacy, English, GED and other adult education opportunities.

A Family Partnership Agreement is developed with each family that notes their strengths and areas of concern. This plan is developed with family input to assist in reaching their goals. A goal may be long term like returning to school or short term like helping their child transition into Head Start.

Family and Education Component Specialist provide monthly training on parenting curriculum (Conscious Discipline) to the parents via Zoom or in-person. They provide activities that can be completed at home with the children and encourage extended participation to enhance child's educational learning experience.

Father Involvement

NADC Head Start/ABC is aware of the importance of involving fathers in our day to day classroom activities as well as involving them in their own children’s lives.

Father Involvement is a very important part of our program. We encourage fathers to get involved in every aspect of their child’s life as well as in the Head Start/ABC program.

We have monthly parent training sessions that focus on every- day parenting skills. We have fathers and grandfathers that attend these sessions on a regular basis.

  • We have fathers that attend the monthly parent meetings and hold an office for the group.
  • We have fathers who attend Policy Council on a regular basis and hold an office there as well.
  • We have fathers who volunteer in the classroom, reading to children, helping them with chores and monitoring outside play.
  • We have fathers and grandfathers who come to the classrooms to eat a meal with the children.
  • We have fathers who attend health/education conferences and are involved in the decision making process for their child.

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