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NADC has multiple Head Start facilities in the NADC service area.

The Head Start and Early Head Start Centers throughout provide early childhood educational programs as well as assisting parents, guardians and families with also case management services to help in their struggle to meet their everyday needs. Head Start Centers are open on a nine-month (public school) schedule and Early Head Start Centers are open ten months out of the year. Currently, there are a total of 19 classrooms at 12 locations.


  • Salem Head Start, 146 N. Pickren, 870-895-3434
  • Viola Head Start, 314 Longhorn Dr., 870-458-2016


  • Batesville North Head Start & Early Head Start, 922 Elm St., 870-698-9127
  • Batesville East Head Start, 625 S. 18th St., 870-698-0014
  • Sulphur Rock Head Start & Early Head Start, 406 Main St., 870-799-3415


  • Melbourne Head Start, 211 N. Oak St., 870-368-5229
  • Calico Rock Head Start, 301 Maple St., 870-297-8853


  • Cave City Head Start, 217 School St., 870-283-5341
  • Evening Shade Head Start, 200 School Dr., 870-266-3460
  • Highland Head Start, 52 Meadowbrook Dr., 870-856-2545 & 870-856-1190
  • Highland Early Head Start Center, 2042 Hwy. 62/412, Open early 2018


  • Mountain View Head Start & Early Head Start Center, 19757 Hwy. 5 N, 870-269-4341

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