Head Start Program

Head Start LogoHead Start is a nationwide program created in 1967. The program is structured so as to serve the total child, which means the child’s physical and mental health, educational needs, speech abilities, dental condition and parent’s needs. The children in this program are three to five years old.

Our mission is to provide and to promote a high quality, developmentally appropriate child development program for economically deprived children three to five years of age, thus reducing the potential for school failure.

Our vision is for all children to have the right to be healthy and live in a safe and nurturing environment. Recognizing diversity, and that a child's family is his or her primary teacher.

Our Head Start program pledges to provide for the provision of quality services that result in a successful outcome.


America’s hope of perpetuating a democratic society lies in its children. The hope for a world at peace depends upon the attitudes, understandings, and abilities that are acquired by young children in the home and in early learning programs.

Arkansas Head Start programs are dedicated to developing child development and family enhancements programs that are significant to the education and development of low and middle income families. It is believed that in order for children and families to succeed, certain key ingredients such as social competence are essential. The total family structure must be fostered and developed.

What is done for children and their families, with them, and to them, will have profound influence on what they will do for society and for the world tomorrow. The realization of democracy as a way of life depends to a considerable extent upon the quality and nature of the educational experiences and the stability of the family. The years of early childhood are of vital importance in the development of the patterns of thinking and feeling which determine whether youth will have democratic or autocratic tendencies, will be wholesome, well-adjusted, contributing members of a democratic society or will be selfish, neurotic, aggressive destroyers of the democratic way of life.

The daily program for young children should, therefore, be planned to prepare them to take their places in a democratic society. The experiences for them should be based on the best available knowledge of how children learn and grow. The objectives of the Head Start programs should be planned cooperatively by the parents, staff, community leaders and the children. The agreed upon objectives should be implemented by competent staff. These objectives should be related to established principles of growth in intelligence, logical thinking, self-direction, respect, personal responsibility, social sensitivity, reasoning and creativity. Each generation must be prepared to meet the serious problems confronting humanity.


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